Simple beginnings

We formed Fable and Folly Productions in 2019, but began working on and producing podcasts in 2011. Our flagship and award-winning show, Alba Salix, was first recorded in a blanket stuffed dining room. Today, we are as likely to be found in our at-home third floor studio as we are in a high-end audio production facility.

The Team

Eli McIlveen

Eli McIlveen is the creator, lead writer and director of Alba Salix.

Eli has been recording strange noises since he first “borrowed” his dad’s cassette player as a kid. He spent five years at CKMS-FM (University of Waterloo) producing a sketch comedy series, and later, a weekly radio theatre showcase. Since then he’s been sound designer for a raft of theatre productions in Toronto, where he met many of the Alba cast.

He’s also interviews producer for the podcast Radio Drama Revival, a dialogue editor for Aural Stage Studios and 11th Hour Audio, and has appeared in several other shows, playing a variety of humans and invertebrates.

He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with Sean, his partner of 19 years.

Sean Howard

Sean is a recovering juggler, comedy improviser and marketer. He has dabbled in theatre since an early age. He began as a line producer on Season 1 of Alba Salix where he was responsible for managing the cast, setting schedules and coordinating budgets, as well as fundraising and marketing.

Sean brings his 20+ years of marketing and advertising experience to Fable and Folly Productions. He co-directed The Axe & Crown, is a writer on Season 2 of Alba and is the co-creator and co-star of Civilized.

He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with Eli, his partner of 19 years and their insane dog, Ms. Mae van der Wag.

Ms. Mae van der Wag

Mae is a recovering squirrel addict. It’s not going well. But we do love her.


We are always open to requests to speak at conventions or other gatherings. Or if you are interested in advertising on one of our shows, please email us at the email at the bottom of the page and we will connect you with the appropriate party.

And while we do our best to respond to general inquiries regarding new show pitches, please be aware that we are a small shop and currently produce four shows so we may not be able to respond to all pitches.