A list of credits of the work and collaborations we are super proud of. Check out all these shows!

Audio Fiction

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Fully produced: writing, directing, sound design, music (2014–)
A Pratchett-esque fantasy medical sitcom. Gold Mark Time Award and Parsec Awards nominee, 2015.


Fully produced: pre-pro, recording, sound design, music (coming spring 2019)
An improvised dark sci-fi comedy.

The Axe & Crown

Fully produced: writing, directing, sound design, music (2017–)
Gubbin the troll innkeeper butts heads with his cheery new landlord.

The End of Time and Other Bothers

Fully produced: planning, recording, sound design, music (2018–)
An improvised comedy set in the world of Alba Salix.

For Hartlife, NFP

For Aural Stage Studios

Sound Design, “The Astral Queen” (2018)
Dialogue Editor, 5 Levels of Fear (2017)

For 11th Hour Productions

Dialogue Editor, “Heavenly Deception” (2016)
Dialogue Editor, “Vultures Over Low Doves” (2015)

Talk and Interview Podcasts

Radio Drama Revival

Interview Producer (2016–)
A podcast showcase featuring the best of contemporary audio drama.


For Plein Air Agency, LLC

Editor, Real Famous (2017–), Tastemakers (2018–) 


Here Be Dragons

Producer (2016–2017)
A show about life in the new economy.


Attention Surplus

Producer (2011–2014)
A conversation about our search for purpose and a meaningful life.