Just the Facts

We began in what we call the second wave of modern Audio Fiction podcasts.

In 2011, we set out to tell a story we yearned to hear and Alba Salix, Royal Physican was born. Eli McIlveen was writer, director, composer, sound designer and more on our first show. He was joined by his partner Sean Howard as producer and talent wrangler.

Today we create and produce a growing number of award winning audio fiction shows. 

Our Philosophy

We believe we have a responsibility to tell stories that leave the world a better place.

We love meeting new producers and working to help this industry grow.  

Team Bios

Please see our About page for our bios.

Credits for our Team

Please see our Podography for a complete list of the shows we have worked.

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What People are Saying About our Shows

"Civilized is smart, funny, and darkly delightful — the very best kind of sci-fi improv."
Sarah Rhea Werner
Girl in Space Podcast
"[Civilized is] Short and snappy and darkly humorous. There are no bones made about the horrors of deep space and flaws of humanity, but it's all done through captivating and extreme absurdism."
Elena Fernández Collins
Radio Drama Revival
"Alba Salix is delightfully whimsical, light-hearted, and hilarious”
Wil Williams
"A comedy audio drama about a healer in a fantastical world, and it’s just hilarious"
Bello Collective
"Everything I wanted and more.”
Carolyn Ducker
Geek Girl Authority
"The team behind Alba Salix has given us the next one I foresee being a breakout star in the genre.”
Wil Williams
Wil Williams Reviews